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MW2 community want this map with moving containers added to multiplayer & so do we

Modern Warfare 2 Dark Water
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As Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 players look forward to season 2 of the shooter, players have been drafting up wishlists of potential new maps.

One of these maps, however, doesn’t come from an older game as such – in fact, the inspiration is right from the game’s own campaign mode.

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As brought up by SeelixShadow on Reddit, the container map from the ‘Dark Water’ campaign mission could be an ‘interesting addition’ to the game’s multiplayer lineup.

In case you’re not familiar, the map takes place atop a moving tanker ship, which you must cross the deck during a storm and fighting off enemies, while the waves move the boat – and the containers – around.


While Season 1 saw the introduction of Shipment – which is, thematically, a similar map – crucially, the containers on this map are stationary, and don’t move.

Having moving containers would certainly add an extra wrinkle to the action – as in the campaign they could not only shift the arena layout, but also damage and kill any player unfortunate enough to get in the way.

There’s already a map too in the game with lethal aspects to the scenery – in the Crown Raceway. That map has whizzing racecars around the outside, which can kill wary players who stray into their path.

Assuming you can walk through containers too – this could create some really fun opportunities, as cover and routes through the map change over the course of a match.

So perhaps Infinity Ward and Raven Software could take this suggestion on board for future seasons? We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store when Season 2 of MW2 lands next month – although fans may be waiting a little longer than expected for the next season.

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