MW2 map size does matter as community thinks Himmelmatt Expo is too big for 6v6

MW2 map size does matter as community thinks Himmelmatt Expo is too big for 6v6
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One of the most notable additions that MW2 Season 2 Reloaded has brought with its arrival is the new Himmelmatt Expo map. A spacious, resort-like location overlooking the Swiss Alps, its inclusion was initially well-received since it’s the first non-remade map that was introduced for the latest installment.

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After getting to play through it, however, some fans have seemingly now changed their stance on the cozy mountainside location due to its size and poor layout. Several disgruntled users have even gone on Reddit to vent out their increasing frustration.

One of these dissatisfied players has gone on to create a scathing post, which simply features an image of the recently added Himmelmatt Expo 24/7 playlist. However, the detail that seems to annoy them the most is the fact that it’s labeled as a “small map,” even though it has “so many nooks, corridors, and open spaces.”

Other players that have experienced the entirety of this map also agree with the author’s sentiment as many are having trouble navigating it without immediately getting shot at. One commenter even noted that the amount of angles you need to check just to push a site is absurd.

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A large number of users on another popular thread are also now complaining about the map’s layout in Domination mode. Many are bewildered at the structure and placement of flags in this match offering as it seems that the developers placed the A and B capture points too close together.

A handful of people have suggested that a 10v10 mode may be better suited for the Himmelmatt Expo’s size. Hopefully, the developers find the time to listen because navigating this massive location is seemingly starting to get on players’ nerves.