Microsoft deal with Boosteroid brings Xbox and CoD titles to popular cloud gaming service

Microsoft deal with Boosteroid brings Xbox and CoD titles to popular cloud gaming service
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Microsoft has now revealed that they’ve signed a 10-year agreement with Boosteroid to bring Xbox titles to their cloud gaming platform. This is the third deal that the tech giant has announced in as many months and there may even be more on the horizon with the Activision merger seemingly set to be approved soon.

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Once Microsoft’s acquisition of the popular video game company has been approved, it would also make the CoD franchise globally available to Boosteroid customers. Other notable ABK titles like World of Warcraft and Overwatch 2 will similarly be playable through the cloud gaming service.

Since it began its operation in 2017, Boosteroid has become the largest independent cloud gaming provider in the world after recently surpassing four million users worldwide. They’ve also brought constant innovation and fresh ideas to their service even while being based out of war-torn Ukraine.

According to Microsoft’s latest announcement, one of the proposals that Boosteroid has brought forward includes adding cloud gaming services to other widely available platforms such as Mac, Chromebooks, Android set-top boxes, and LG TVs. Additionally, those who’d like to make use of the platform will be able to do so through both browser-based and dedicated applications for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and Android TV.

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Aside from its availability in Ukraine, the cloud gaming service is also available in the United States, United Kingdom, and countries across the European Union as well. Now that the agreement between both companies have been signed and sealed, all that’s needed now is the approval of the Activision merger to bring the well-known FPS franchise in Call of Duty to gamers worldwide.