MW2 community sick of repetitive cycle as players demand return of map voting

MW2 community sick of repetitive cycle as players demand return of map voting
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The MW2 community is now begging Infinity Ward and Activision to bring back the map voting feature as players have gotten sick of playing through the same maps repeatedly. Fans believe that allowing them to choose from a number of maps would break the boring cycle that has become prevalent recently.

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This mechanic’s exclusion from the game also seems to bewilder a large number of users as it was often present in previous installments like Black Ops Cold War. Since its exclusion from 2019’s Modern Warfare, however, it’s still yet to be reintroduced to this day.

Due to the developers lack of communication, disgruntled players have now taken to Reddit to bring attention to this ongoing issue. Although the lack of a map voting feature has been a recurring topic for a long time now, it seems that one particular post on the subject has started to gain momentum recently. The thread’s popularity has also prompted other users to chime in on the ever-present problem once again.

The post in question simply includes a frustrated player asking for the return of map voting together with an image of what is seemingly the same feature from Modern Warfare Remastered. The attached photo seemed to bring back memories for some as one commenter apparently wants the same UI to return as well.

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On the other hand, other users have decided to take a jab at the developers instead with one response saying that the reintroduction of map voting “would make the game more fun,” but that it won’t because they “don’t do that here.”

With Season 2 Reloaded having already been released, Infinity Ward may have no plans to bring it back for this latest franchise installment. Hopefully, they can find the time to do so because playing Shipment three times in a row may cause their player count to dwindle fast.