Mortal Kombat movie’s Raiden, Jax, Liu Kang and Mileena announced

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The upcoming Mortal Kombat movie has its Jax, Mileena, Raiden and Liu Kang, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Announced over the weekend, Mehcad Brooks of Supergirl will be playing the muscular Jax Briggs; Sisi Stringer will be looking for a breakout performance as Mileena; Thor: Ragnarok’s Tadonobu Asano will be taking on the role of weather God Raiden; and Zack from the Power Rangers reboot, Ludi Lin, will be ass-kicking monk Liu Kang.

Not much is known about the story, yet, but you’d imagine there’ll be some form of tournament, and loads of blood and guts, too, as writer Greg Russo has previously said the movie will be R-rated and feature fatalities.

Hopefully, as Josh said a few months back, this new MK movie will pay its respects to the first film. That 1995 film may be a bucket of s***, but it’s our bucket of s***, y’know? Look at this tweet thread I put together back in April and tell me otherwise.

Mortal Kombat (the movie and not the game, which has been out for a few months now) is scheduled to appear in cinemas on March 5, 2021.

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