Monster Hunter: World will be receiving fresh clobber in the form of Street Fighter V-themed armour based on Ryu and Sakura (via PST). The outfits will be available to craft at the game's Smithy, though you won't be able to mix and match as they're full armour sets, so keep that in mind.

The new outfits can be equipped on both a male or female character, and also come packing with matching voice overs to make you sound like the Street Fighter legends. Both costumes can be unlocked via Monster Hunter: World's Event Quest titled Down the Dark, Muddy Path.

Capcom said this quest will be up for grabs for those who have a Street Fighter V save file on their PS4s in 'a few weeks' and will roll out 'not long after' for everyone else (in other words, Xbox One owners and those who don't have SFV on PS4). 

If that wasn't enough, players can also fork out for Street Fighter V gestures, such as the Hadoken and Shoryuken for $3.99/£3.19 each, as well as a themed Stamp Set for $1.99/£1.59. Finally, you can snap up the Hadoken & Shoryuken poses, a Guild Card: Bonus Stage, and Rival, Destined, Living Legend, and Bandana Girl achievements for free.

Remember, those of you who own Street Fighter V can take advantage of some Monster Hunter-themed goodies too. 

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