Monster Hunter: World is officially Capcom's fastest-selling video game of all time, surpassing the latest entries in the Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchises in the process.

The critically acclaimed title has now shipped over six million copies worldwide, despite only launching in late January. Just for comparison, Resi 7 took around nine months to ship four million units, which is pretty surprising considering the horror franchise currently ranks as Capcom's biggest-selling IP to date. 

Still, that's beside the point. Monster Hunter: World has proven itself not only as the major console outing that fans have been craving all these years, but crucially, as a strong entry point for newcomers. Prior to this game, Monster Hunter has found most of its success in Japan amongst the hardcore gaming crowd, and really only maintained a cult following in the west.

Sony announced last week that Monster Hunter: World was the best-selling PS4 game on PlayStation Network in the US and Europe for January. If you haven't read Alice's review of the game yet, then be sure to give it a look now and find out why it's worth your hard-earned cash.

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