Modern Warfare 2 anti-cheat’s latest name-and-shame feature has players divided

Modern Warfare 2 anti-cheat’s latest name-and-shame feature has players divided
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Cheaters can be the bane of any online multiplayer experience. You only need to look at what has happened to some of the older Call of Duty games when it comes to lobbies being dominated by hackers and modders. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been no stranger to cheaters either. However, Activision appears to be continuing to attempt to address this issue but the latest name-and-shame feature to show up in the game has players divided

It was recently revealed by Call of Duty that Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2’s anti-cheat software, Ricochet banned over 14,000 accounts in a single day late last month. While these players tended to be removed from the game rather discreetly, the latest change to the game’s anti-cheat system now names and shames those booted for cheating. After a player is booted from the game the kill feed will display the user’s name next to the ricochet logo for all to see.

Many fans have taken to social media to celebrate this inclusion with one user posting the below screenshot to Reddit saying, “Get f***ed loser.” Many have commended Activision’s decision to name-and-shame these players with one Xbox player saying, “That’s rad that they say who they booted now, rather than “action was taken”, but you never knew who.”

Credit: u/Spicy-Tato1

However, some players have noted this feature could have negative side effects for players who get mass reported even if they’re not cheating. One player said, “For what it’s worth, this can also just mean that someone was kicked by Ricochet because they either got spam reported or just finally got reported enough times that they got auto-kicked to the shadowban realm and now have their account under review. Shadowbans can happen even if you aren’t cheating; all it takes is enough reports on your accounts and you will be shadowbanned for a week.”

If this is the case it could certainly have negative effects associated with genuine players who are simply unlucky. Another player pointed to this saying, “Imagine if the guy from OP’s screenshot was actually shadowbanned (not for the first time too probably) for being rage reported, but now he is considered a loser/cheating scum/etc by everyone here. What a nice update, really doesn’t get better than this.”

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