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MLB The Show 23: Road To The Show Reveal

MLB The Show 23
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With the month of March officially underway, baseball season is only getting closer, and so is the launch of MLB The Show 23. As the days continue to tick away. The Show continues to cover a variety of different new features set to arrive in its new game, and this week, they covered what’s new with their hit solo player mode, Road To The Show.

Should you be new to MLB The Show or maybe need a refresher, Road To The Show (RTTS) is a solo player experience that allows you to pave your own path with a created player you make, where you start in the Minor Leagues before making it to the Majors. In short, RTTS is all about providing fans with a solo experience that simulates as close as possible what it’s like to climb your way up to the MLB as a bright prospect and future star.

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As you can imagine, this is a fan-favorite amongst many who’ve played previous editions of The Show, and MLB The Show 23 is looking to make this solo player experience better than the last. Fans had the opportunity to see this firsthand by The Show yesterday in their Features Premiere live stream on RTTS, which covered a variety of new aspects this fun mode will introduce.

But what changes can we expect to see this year? Not to fret! Down below we touch on all the important details you need to know about Road To The Show in MLB The Show 23.

Let’s have a look!

MLB The Show 23 – Road To The Show Reveal

The Show 23
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Ballplayer Hub

The first part of the Road To The Show reveal covered the revamped UI of the Ballplayer Hub, highlighting just how much easier it will be to navigate the menu for fans. In other words, they scrapped their previous layout format and built a fresh one from scratch, with the aim of providing quicker and more fluid access to your player’s equipment, stats, and more.

Immersion & Dynamic Challenges

When it comes to immersion, The Show wanted to make the visual display clear of any extra writing and graphics to the best of their ability, to really allow fans to sink into the RTTS experience without any distractions and blockages on their screens.

To cater to that immersive experience even more, on-field training will also return to MLB The Show 23’s RTTS mode in order to provide fans the authentic feel for what it takes to master your craft and improve as a player. Along with improving your game, these on-field trainings will also help you level up, and there’s no penalties if you do poorly in a training.

Lastly, players will also get to select and activate Dynamic Challenges, that if completed during that given game, will reward your player with a boost or upgrade for that specific skill attribute(s). So one of these Dynamic Challenges might consist of only swinging at pitches inside the strike zone. If completed by the end of the game, your player will get a boost for plate vision and plate discipline.

Face Scan

MLB The Show 23
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Talk about a simple and easy way to complete your player in RTTS, the new Face Scan feature for MLB The Show 23 is a game changer. All fans will need to do is simply take a selfie, and just like that, can upload their face scan into the new game.

The only aspect of your scan that can’t change, is the size of your head. Everything else, however, can be altered, giving fans plenty of leeway to upload their faces and finesse their player’s looks. Down below are the steps you will need to take in order to complete your Face Scan once the game goes live:

  1. Download and open MLB The Show 23 Companion App
  2. Press the ‘Person Icon’ to bring up Face Scan
  3. Download small update specific to Face Scan
  4. Align your face in the oval and take your selfie
  5. Upload your photo and wait a couple of minutes
  6. Head to ‘Created Player’ in the game and apply your photo

When you complete your Face Scan, it’s important to keep these following tips in mind. To begin with, make sure you login to the app with the same account you’re using on MLB The Show. If you don’t use the right account, you won’t see the scan.

Secondly, when taking the photo, be sure to take off any glasses, hats, and be sure to comb your hair out of your face so you can get a clean, good shot. The whole idea behind this feature is not only to really place you in the game with you own face, but to also make things easier for you when creating your player, which can usually take a long time (particularly the face).


Continuing with their mission of making fans feel the authenticity and intimacy of their new game, The Show went above and beyond to make that Draft experience feel as exciting as possible.

One of the biggest changes coming to MLB The Show 23 is how your player will be revealed upon being selected. During the Draft, players will be introduced in a cloud of dry ice as they walk out with the teams jersey embraced by a whole lot of fanfare.

In addition, new MLB Network segments were filmed for the Draft process in Road To The Show. Baseball legends like Carlos Peña, Jake Peavy, and host Robert Flores will be in the game, talking about you and their experiences as rookies.

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