MLB The Show 23 – Moonshot: Mile-High Event

MLB The Show 23 – Moonshot: Mile-High Event
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MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty has been a huge hit since launch. And a big reason why has been due to the quality diamond player selection fans have been able to pursue right off the bat in Season 1. Whether it’s different fun programs to online modes such as Ranked, there’s a lot of ways fans can get your hands on some great diamonds, and this includes via the all-new Moonshot: Mile-High Online Event.

Alongside Ranked, Battle Royale, Casual, and Play vs Friends, another popular online mode in Diamond Dynasty is that of Events. Here, fans get the opportunity to receive limited time events that come with their very own rewards paths that, unsurprisingly, are decorated with excellent prizes. To acquire these great rewards, players have to assemble a lineup that corresponds with the active events rules and secure wins against online opponents. As you rack up more wins, you will be progress through the rewards ladder and secure the prizes it has to offer.

That all said, most of you reading this article are probably wondering what new player items you can get your hands on from this new event, or more or less, what it entails of? Should that be the case, then you’ve come just to the right place. Down below, we detail all the rules you need to know about the new Moonshot: Mile-High Event released today (April 21) as well as all the player items you can receive.

MLB The Show 23 – Moonshot: Mile-High Event Details

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When playing Online Events in MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty, you’ll understand quite quickly that wins mean everything. The more wins you accumulate, the more prizes you will receive as you quickly power through the rewards path. The new Moonshot: Mile-High Event in MLB The Show 23 will run until May 5, 11AM PST – so fans have ample time to complete it.

That said, before we jump right on into the Moonshot: Mile-High Event rewards, it’s important to review the rules the event consists of so you know what you’re getting into and what players you can use. On that note, here’s a look at the complete set of rules for the Moonshot: Mile-High Event in MLB The Show 23:

Moonshot: Mile-High Event Rules

  • Any Hitters
  • Common Pitchers
  • Coors Field ONLY
  • Min Player OVR | 60
  • Max Team OVR | 99
  • 3-Inning Games
  • Difficulty: All-Star
  • Free Entries

Should you abide by all of these rules, you will be able to participate in the Moonshot: Mile-High Online Event. That said, keep in mind that should you lose twice during an event entry, you will be eliminated and will have to start all over again. So be sure to field your best players that correspond with the rules in place.

MLB The Show 23 – Moonshot: Mile-High Event Rewards

MLB The Show 23
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Once you start to string together wins, you will start to progress through the Moonshot: Mile-High Event rewards path, which comes baring some delightful prizes. In this section, we detail all the prizes you can unlock, including the new diamond player items:

Moonshot: Mile-High Event Rewards

  1. The Show 23 Pack – 1 Win
  2. 500 Stubs – 3 Wins
  3. Two The Show 23 Packs – 5 Wins
  4. 1,000 Stubs – 8 Wins
  5. Events Rewind Choice Pack – 10 Wins
  6. 1,500 Stubs – 15 Wins
  7. Home Run Derby Dante Bichette (97 Overall) – 20 Wins
  8. Home Run Derby Todd Helton (97 Overall) – 25 Wins
  9. Five The Show 23 Packs – 35 Wins
  10. 2,000 Stubs – 40 Wins
  11. Five The Show 23 Packs – 45 Wins
  12. 2,500 Stubs – 50 Wins

In order to secure all 12 of these rewards, fans will need to accumulate a whopping 50 wins. Though the limited time frame doesn’t make this event easy, the rewards path does make it well worth your while, particularly with the brand new Home Run Derby Series players in the mix.

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