MLB The Show 23 – The Great Egg Hunt Program

MLB The Show 23 – The Great Egg Hunt Program
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Easter Sunday is days away. And with so much festivity and excitement in the air, MLB The Show 23 felt it was only fitting to release a new special in Diamond Dynasty for the holiday weekend. Welcome to The Great Egg Hunt Program!

Replicating the meaningful, fun activity that many kids and families partake in every year over Easter, The Great Egg Hunt Program allows baseball fans to enjoy their own Easter adventure in Diamond Dynasty, with the goal being to collect nine egg vouchers in order to unlock some quality prizes from the programs’ rewards ladder. Though some of you might be after the new Charisma Series players that come with the program, there’s a lot more to it that’s worth knowing about – so don’t go anywhere just yet.

The Great Egg Hunt Program was released in MLB The Show 23 today (April 7) and comes with nine tiers to complete, one for each egg. That being said, many of you are likely wondering what the rewards are and how you can get your hands on these nine egg vouchers?

Should that be on your mind, we’ve got you covered with all you need to know. Down below, we list all the rewards you can secure along with the important details you should be aware of regarding The Great Egg Hunt Program in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 23 – The Great Egg Hunt Rewards

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The name of the game for this fun Easter Program, is to collect the nine egg vouchers. In order to do so, you will need to play through different game modes in Diamond Dynasty. From what it appears, based on each egg vouchers’ card art, is that there is one egg voucher for each of the nine modes (4 single player, 5 online).

When you visit The Great Egg Hunt Program in MLB The Show 23, you will see a Collections menu. Upon entering it, you will find all the egg vouchers you need to acquire, with each providing a hint on where they can be found.

However, upon further investigation, there is indeed one egg voucher that cannot be earned in Diamond Dynasty. This is Hidden Egg 1, which requires you to play five Moments in the offline Quick Play menu. Upon entering the menu, you will find the The Great Egg Hunt Program Moments, one for each player.

Though this egg voucher is not in Diamond Dynasty, we can assure you that the rest are. Once you find the nine vouchers, you will be able to get all nine of The Great Egg Hunt Program Rewards in MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty:

The Great Egg Hunt Program Rewards

  1. Catfish Hunter (SP) – 95 Overall Diamond
  2. Swing Bunny Bunny Swing Profile Icon
  3. Alex Bregman (3B) – 96 Overall Diamond
  4. 5 The Show 23 Packs
  5. Gregory Soto (RP) – 95 Overall Diamond
  6. 3 Ballin is a Habit Packs
  7. George Springer – 97 Overall Diamond
  8. Reggie Jackson – 97 Overall Diamond
  9. Golden Egg Profile Icon

In order to secure all nine of these rewards, fans will need to accumulate 90 program stars.

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