Everything from Minecraft Live 2022

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Minecraft Live 2022 is here. The yearly virtual event gives us the latest news and updates from one of the world’s most popular games of all time.

If you couldn’t watch along live, then you’re in luck because we have all the details for you to check out right here.

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You can learn about the newest stuff hitting Minecraft, including updates for the main game, as well as some of the spin-offs like Minecraft Legends and Minecraft Dungeons. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

Minecraft Live 2022 – Watch the Show

If you already missed the live show, don’t panic. You can still watch through everything that happened in the VOD featured above.

That said, it’s one hell of a lengthy show. If you’re pressed for time, we’ve condensed all of the important information into one place. Check out the highlights of what was shown of down below.

Minecraft Live 2022 – Minecraft 1.20 Update

One of the most significant pieces of news from Minecraft Live 2022 concerned the upcoming 1.20 update. While we didn’t get a release date or a name for the update yet, but we did get a sneak preview at some of the cool new things coming to the game.

Camel Mobs

These mobs are rideable mobs similar to horses, though obviously native to desert biomes. The key difference here is that two people can ride the same camel, plus it has some pretty impressive new movement abilities that make them incredibly useful.

As if that wasn’t all great, these camels are also adorable. Watching them lie down and twitch their little ears is probably going to be entertaining enough on its own.

Chiseled Bookshelves

This is a huge upgrade to regular bookcases. A chiseled bookshelf is a lot like a regular bookcase, except you can actually store books in them and take them out again. Not only that, but the number of books you store in them can output different levels of Redstone signal.

This means you’ll be able to make some truly stunning hidden library entrances. Even better, these new bookshelves still fit in right alongside the old ones.

Hanging Signs

Another great decorative upgrade, Hanging Signs give players more ways to put signs up and decorate their builds. Now, you’re no longer just relegated to simple wooden planks with stuff scrawled on them, now you can hang signs from other blocks in a variety of different colors.

These hanging signs could unlock a huge amount of decoration potential, with one use for them as decorative bunting being shown off during the show.

Bamboo Blocks

The final major new feature to be revealed was Bamboo Blocks. These blocks are basically a new type of weood, meaning new doors, fences, and everything else you can make out of wood already in Minecraft. It’s a great new look, and comes with the new Bamboo Mosaic block to add even more decorative flair to your builds.

Another interesting new feature of these blocks is the Bamboo Raft. The raft functions exactly like a boat, but has a different look to it as well as some unique animations.

Minecraft Live 2022 – New Default Skins

The new characters (from left to right):
Sunny, Kai, Makena, Steve, Alex, Zuri, Efe, Ari, and Noor

It’s been a while since Minecraft introduced Alex, a feminine skin to give players more appearance options from the moment they boot the game. Along with the new content, Minecraft Live 2022 featured a whole bunch of new skins with various skin tones and hair colors.

These new models bring the total amount of default skin options up to nine. Gone are the days of 20 of the same character wandering around a map. You can check out the new skins in the image above, along with a list of their names in order of appearance. It’s probably going to take a while to remember them all.

Minecraft Live 2022 – Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dunegons is the hack-and-slash dungeon-crawler of the Minecraft brand. It was released back in 2020 and has been a pretty successful release from Mojang. The big updates this time around are mostly seasonal, with some great Halloween-themed content coming to the game shortly.

We also got a sneak peek at some of the new stuff coming in Season 3, including a bunch of new skins, flairs, and pets. There’s also the new gameplay mode for the tower which was shown off during the event which should keep people coming back for more.

Minecraft Live 2022 – Minecraft Creator Tools

Another great update that should excite some Minecraft Creators is the new mob-creation tools. If you’re already a fan of modding the game, then you should probably already be aware of the creator tools.

Well now, if you’ve ever wanted to dream up your own mob, you can. Either mash random parts together, or design something truly horrific from scratch. You can check out the Minecraft Creator’s page to get started.

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