How Do I Find Diamonds Minecraft

How Do I Find Diamonds Minecraft
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Diamonds are one of the most valuable items in Minecraft! Whether you mine them naturally or find them by accident, diamonds can help you upgrade your gears, progress further into the game, and give you the joy to keep playing the game.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to find diamonds in Minecraft in many different ways!

2 Steps To Find Diamonds Minecraft?

#1 Find Diamond Ores

The best way to get diamonds in Minecraft is to go mining! Since no one can’t resist pure happiness when you find a vein of 9 diamond ores with a Fortune enchantment pickaxe in your hand.

Diamonds ores spawn in the Minecraft world under 2 variants: normal diamond ore and deepslate diamond ore. They can spawn in any biomes but only between the Y layer from 14 to -63. Any diamond ores that spawn with the Y layer less than 0 will have a deepslate version so the normal diamond ores are 3 times rarer than the deepslate variant.

To find your current Y layer, press F3 to open the debug screen and look at the top left corner. You will see the X, Y, and Z coordinates. Either find a cave to go deeper or simply dig straight down to get to the diamond layers. The best Y layers to find diamonds in Minecraft are -50 or lower.

Remember that in the recent Minecraft updates, diamond ores’ exposure is reduced. This means you can’t find that many diamond ores by cave-mining like before. And strip-mining is considered one of the best mining methods for now.

There are several mining methods in Minecraft that you can use to fit your playstyle. If strip mining is too boring for you, try the mineshaft or quarry mining method. The random mining method is also a cool idea if you love randomness.

#2 Get Diamonds

When you’ve found diamond ores, use an iron pickaxe to mine the ores. Without Fortune enchantment, each diamond ore will give you 1 diamond, and up to 4 diamonds if you have Fortune III. Note that if you break diamond ores with a wooden, stone, or gold pickaxe, it will drop nothing!

If you have a Silk Touch enchantment on your pickaxe, breaking the diamond ores will make them drop the ores instead of normal diamonds. You can later put those ores in the furnace to smelt for one diamond or save them until you have a Fortune enchantment.

Diamonds usually spawn near lava. So make sure that you dig around plus on top and bottom of the diamond ores for safety purposes.

Other Ways to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Besides aiming for diamond ores, you can find diamonds in Minecraft looking for specific structures. They can contain multiple chests with a lot of diamonds inside them, up to 7 diamonds per chest.

The structure you want to look for are mineshafts, bastion remnants, buried treasures, desert temples, jungle temples, end cities, nether fortresses, shipwrecks, strongholds, and villages.

Another fast way to obtain diamonds is by putting a block of diamonds in the crafting grid. It will give you 9 diamonds.