Minecraft movie launch remains far off, as Jack Black reportedly set to play Steve

Minecraft movie launch remains far off, as Jack Black reportedly set to play Steve
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Warner Bros’ upcoming live-action Minecraft movie is set to get even crazier with the alleged addition of beloved entertainer and musician extraordinaire Jack Black. Though his role in the film remains unclear at the time of writing, Black’s convincing rendition of the villainous Bowser in the Super Mario Bros movie should leave no questions about the type of performance fans will be getting once the Minecraft film adaptation drops.

Ahead of the Minecraft movie release date, however, a Deadline article has revealed that Jack Black will reportedly be playing the part of “Steve,” which, if these rumors are to be believed, refutes previous rumors that Aquaman actor Jason Momoa would be playing the popular player character. Of course, with the film’s producers and distributor, Warner Bros, yet to confirm roles, we recommend taking this information with a heaping amount of salt for now.

In addition to Black’s casting in an as-yet-unspecified role, other live-action Minecraft movie roster members include Wednesday actress Emma Myers, Peacemaker actress Danielle Brooks, and Just Mercy actor Sebastian Eugene Hansen. As mentioned above, Jason Momoa will play the lead character in the movie, though his role, much like the others, remains unconfirmed.

With production on the live-action Minecraft movie only set to begin, its launch isn’t expected until 2025, at the very least. Specific details on its plot, setting, and cast of characters also remain scarce, but we will continue to keep you updated with more information once the film’s producers have officially confirmed it.

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