EA showed off the new Match Day mode for FIFA 13 today at Gamescom, one which looks to recreate the real-world drama of a Saturday afternoon.

Executive producer David Rutter announced the mode during EA's Gamescom press conference, before showing the mode in action by recreating the last day of the 2011/2012 Barclays Premier League.

"This is a huge technological innovation that will make every match feel like a seamless extension of the headlines ripped from the football pages around the world," said Rutter. "There is nothing bigger in the world of sports than match day. It brings together the emotions, passion and drama of the world's sport for players, pundits, managers and fans alike. We are going to capture that experience and bring it to life in-game."

In a nutshell, Match Day looks to encapsulate all the key events that occur during real-world game days. As Martin Tyler and Alan Smith introduce Manchester City and Queen's Park Rangers, they discuss the important role Sergio Aguero has played for City during their title run.

An image of Aguero pops up in the team line-up, along with the number of goals he's scored this season. During the game between Man City and QPR, we cut to Alan McInally, who has a live update from the Stadium of Light, where Manchester United have scored against Sunderland, tipping the balance of the title in United's favour.

A player's real life performances will affect their in-game stats. Is your team on an unbeaten run? Their stats will be on the up. Can't buy a win? Expect them to be playing worse than usual. The game will also suggest matches based on your team's upcoming four fixtures.

Fans will get the chance to experience Match Day in the FIFA 13 demo which launches September 11.