Marvel’s Avengers takes a deep dive into Jane Foster’s The Mighty Thor in latest video

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Crystal Dynamics has released a video on new playable hero Jane Foster The Mighty Thor, landing in Marvel’s Avengers today.

In the comics, long time confidant and companion Jane Foster dons the mantle of Thor in Jason Aron’s 2014 comic. Entitled ‘Mighty Thor’ this arc saw Thor Odinson become unworthy to wield the mighty Mjolnir, leaving the weapon stuck on the Moon. That is until Foster, who was at the time battling cancer, heard the hammer’s calling, and took on Thor’s abilities.

As for her game counterpart – her world’s Thor gave up Mjolinir following the A-Day tragedy that kicks off the game. Jane takes up Thor’s mantle in his stead after her cancer diagnosis with the mystical powers keeping her illness at bay. However, she’s then torn from her timeline into the one of the game by one of those pesky Tachyon Anomalies. And that’s how she ends up joining “our” version of the heroes we know and love in the game.

So, in the game itself she’ll have her own unique talents to mark her out from the OG Thor. These include her All-Mother’s Blessing intrinsic ability and God Tempest overcharge. These skills have Mastery skills which can be modified to change their damage, strength of shockwaves and more. She’ll also have new attacks such as Quick Fire, a new attack combo packing a powerful punch.

You can learn about that and much more in the Deep Dive video below. Jane Foster The Mighty Thor arrives in Marvel’s Avengers from today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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