As well as announcing numerous delays to titles previously due this year, Midway yesterday announced a series of new titles due for release in 2008.

David F. Zucker, Midway president and chief executive officer, commented: "Looking ahead to 2008, with our core technology platform now in place, we expect to release a number of titles, including already announced console versions of Unreal Tournament 3, a next generation instalment of our NBA Ballers franchise, Wheelman, and TNA iMPACT! the video game."

Zucker also announced a new entry in the Blitz series, but of more interest to us Europeans are the next game in the Mortal Kombat series and two new ambitious open world games. Details on these are to be revealed in the near future, with the first next-gen Mortal Kombat likely to be one of Midway's key titles for next year.