Is Manor Lords on Xbox? What you need to know

Is Manor Lords on Xbox? What you need to know
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It’s coming but we’ll need to wait

  • Manor Lords has been confirmed for Xbox consoles.
  • It won’t launch with the PC version.
  • It’ll likely land in summer, ahead of the busy end-of-year gaming calendar.

Manor Lords will be arriving on Xbox but not at the same time as the PC release. The game, which has amassed more than 2,000,000 wishlists on Steam over the seven years it’s been in development, is just days away from being released on Steam through Early Access. While several content creators and media, including ourselves, have been having hands-on with the game, many will be counting down the days until the April 26 wider release.

What is the Manor Lords Xbox release date?

Right now, the exact date is unclear. As per the official Manor Lords trailer, we know the game is ‘coming soon to consoles’. This was confirmed later in an Xbox Wire post, which said it would arrive on consoles ‘shortly after’ the early access launch. In the post, the Xbox team writes: “The team is proud to be bringing what is often considered a traditional PC experience to Xbox consoles too. Manor Lords offers a fresh take on the humble city-builder with the addition of combat and strategic elements, and Chaudhry highlights that the team will be making a conscious effort to make sure Manor Lords feels great to play with a controller. 

“There are so many players out there that we know would absolutely love to get lost in Manor Lords, but play exclusively on console – they shouldn’t be left out, and now, they won’t be!”

An aerial shot of a settlement in Manor Lords
Manor Lords is already one of the most anticipated games of the year. Image: Xbox Wire

As for the actual Xbox release, there is no definitive date yet, although the developer confirmed on X that they will be working on the Xbox version ‘as soon as possible’. While we initially thought a July release could be likely, the tweet suggests it may be a bit more time before the game arrives on console. If we were to guess what a potential Xbox release date could be, we’d probably expect the version to drop around August 2024 – just ahead of the busy end of the year.

A screenshot of a Twitter post by @lordsmanor stating, "yes, me and Manor Lords are going to start working on the Xbox version as soon as possible," published on March 25,
The Manor Lords confirmed the Xbox version of the game will be worked on as soon as possible. Image via X.

It’s unlikely Manor Lords will want to compete with some of the other larger releases, such as Call of Duty 2024 towards the tail-end of the year, so a summer release does seem to make the most sense. Whether this is accurate or not, time will only tell.

What sort of game is Manor Lords?

According to developer Hooded Horse, Manor Lords is a strategy game that combines ‘deep, organic and realistic city building with large scale, tactical battles’. It’s powered by the Unreal Engine, so looks stunning, and features an open, grid-less world to organically craft worlds. Seasons change, and your towns can rise and fall through war and famine.

For those with PCs, and wanting to give the game a go. There is currently a £1 / $1 offer on Game Pass, giving you a trial for 14 days. If you play your cards right, this will time perfectly with the Manor Lords release, meaning you could give the game a go without paying full price. The game has also been confirmed for Nvidia’s GeForce NOW service, giving PC gamers another route to play.