Madden 23: Season 3 Revealed

Madden 23: Season 3 Revealed
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Season 2 in Madden 23 was special and filled with several great programs in MUT. From Team Diamond, to the Harvest Program, to the Blitz Program to name a few, Season 2 had plenty of character and fulfilled the satisfaction meters of Madden fans everywhere.

Well today, Madden 23 revealed Season 3 and there’s a lot to be excited for. With a handful of great new programs on the way, Madden 23 is starting the new season off with quite the set of new players to unlock and plenty more in their Season 3 Field Pass.

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The launch of Season 2 for Madden 23 took place back on October 13th, 2022. So it’s been some time since fans had the opportunity to sink their teeth into a new season on Madden 23. There’s a variety of important details to be aware of. But what new items and players can fans expect to see once they dive into into Season 3 tomorrow?

Not to fret! We got you covered with all the latest news and information you need to know about the arrival of Season 3 in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Madden 23: Season 3 Field Pass

Madden 23
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The new Season 3 Field Pass in Madden 23 is stuffed full with all sorts of great rewards. This includes tons of MUT coin, Elite and Gameday Packs, Upgrade Collectibles, and new uniforms.

Coming along with these Season 3 items and prizes, is also a variety of new players, some of which you will be able to evolve into better overall versions of their original card.

To do so, you will need to collect and apply the Upgrade Collectible items you can receive at different levels on those players. Upon doing so, they will upgrade into their stronger and better version.

While we’re on the subject, you can find all the new Season 3 Field Pass players set to be released in-game tomorrow down below.

Madden 23: Season 3 Players

Madden 23
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There’s a total of six new players you can get in Season 3.

Here’s the full list:

1. Carl Banks (LOLB) – 88 Overall – Level 8

The New York Giants Linebacker Carl Banks can be unlocked at Level 8 of the Season 3 Field Pass. He is one of the new players you can upgrade to a 94 overall by using the Upgrade Collectibles you receive at Levels 22 and 27 of the Field Pass.

2. Willie Lanier (MLB) – 90 Overall – Level 11

The Kansas City Chiefs linebacker can be secured at Level 11 of the Season 3 Field Pass. He has Team Chemistries with the Chiefs and Legends and cannot be upgraded higher than his 90 overall rating.

3. Jay Hilgenberg (C) – 92 Overall – Level 21

Chicago Bears center Jay Hilgenberg is the Level 21 reward of the Season 3 Field Pass. Just like the Lanier card, Hilgenberg is not an upgradable item. His team chems are Bears, Saints, Browns, and Legends.

4. Fred Biletnikoff (WR) – 94 Overall – Level 31

Raiders wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff is the player reward you can unlock at Level 31 of the Season 3 Field Pass. He is not an upgradable card and comes with just the Raiders and Legends team chemistries.

5. Ed Reed (FS) – 96 Overall – Level 41

The Baltimore Ravens safety is a gem of a reward you can acquire at Level 41 of the Season 3 Field Pass. Reed has team chems with the Ravens, Texans, Jets, and Legends and is also not an upgradable item.

6. Rob Gronkowski (TE) – 98 Overall – Level 51

The first 98 overall card in Madden 23 Ultimate Team is that of the legendary tight end, Rob Gronkowski. The Gronkowski item you will receive at Level 51 of the Season 3 Field Pass is his All Madden 98 overall version. That said, this is by no means the only one you can get.

In fact, with this All Madden version, comes a Season 3 version that starts at 82 overall but can be upgraded. Should you collect all four of Gronkowski’s upgrade collectible items in the Field Pass, you can evolve him to a 94 overall. Once you have that Season 3 version at a 94 overall, you can then combine it with the All Madden version to make the Season 3 one an even better 98 overall rating.

It is quite the grind. But for the first 98 overall MUT item, it’s definitely worth the consideration. Whichever Gronk card you opt to go after, both do have team chems with all 32 teams and other theme teams as well. So you can’t go wrong with this special prize.

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