*LATEST* Madden 23: MUT AKA Program

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Every Sunday, Madden 23 usually reveals its latest MUT AKA Program players. But this week, Madden 23 chose to reveal its final AKA Program player drop today. After revealing its first of the final two AKA players today on ‘Good Morning Madden’, Madden 23 revealed its second and final one tonight at 7PM ET on Twitter.

This intriguing set of stars highlights the iconic nicknames each legend earned over their historic NFL tenures. The nicknames from each player is on the back of their jerseys as if it represents their last name.

Following the first AKA release, where Madden 23 introduced six players, MUT has released two every Sunday since (besides this last weekend), providing fans with a stacked variety of legends that have graced the NFL gridiron.

The first six AKA players received 90 overalls while the following have earned 91 overall ratings or higher. On that note, let’s check out all the players that have been revealed in the Madden 23 AKA Program.

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Madden 23: AKA Program Players

All AKA players come with a 90+ overall rating and a slew of top tier skills to make them some of the best cards to have right now in MUT. Let’s have a look at all of the players that have been revealed.

AKA Players (90 Overall)

Madden 23 announced their first five 90 Overall AKA Program players prior to the NFL Week 2 kickoff before releasing their sixth later that afternoon.

  1. Marshawn Lynch (HB) – AKA “Beast Mode”
  2. Reggie White (LE) – AKA “Minister of Defense”
  3. Richard Lane (CB) – AKA “Night Train Lane”
  4. Kam Chancellor (SS) – AKA “Bam Bam Kam”
  5. Mike Ditka (TE) – AKA “Iron Mike”
  6. Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB) – AKA “Fitzmagic”

AKA Players (91 Overall)

  1. Christian Okoye (FB) – AKA “Nightmare”
  2. Terrell Suggs (LOLB) – AKA “T-Sizzle”
  3. Calvin Johnson (WR) – AKA “Megatron”
  4. Darrelle Revis (CB) – AKA “Revis Island”
  5. Edgerrin James (HB) – AKA “Edge”
  6. Joe Greene (DT) – AKA “Mean Joe Greene”

AKA Players (92 Overall)

  1. Walter Payton (HB) – AKA “Sweetness”
  2. Jevon Kearse (LE) – AKA “The Freak”
  3. Steve McNair (QB) – AKA “Air McNair
  4. William Perry (DT) – AKA “The Refrigerator”
  5. LeSean McCoy (HB) – AKA “Shady”
  6. Ed Jones (LE) – AKA “Too Tall Jones”

AKA Players (93 Overall)

  1. Michael Irvin (WR) – AKA “Playmaker”
  2. Brian Dawkins (FS) – AKA “Weapon X”
  3. Chris Johnson (HB) – AKA “CJ2K”
  4. Howie Long (LE) – AKA “Caveman”
  5. Chad Johnson (WR) – AKA “Ochocinco”
  6. Mike Singletary (MLB) – AKA “Samurai”

AKA Players (94 Overall)

  1. Tom Brady (QB) – AKA “GOAT”
  2. Darius Slay Jr. (CB) – AKA “Big Play Slay”

Both Tom Brady and Darius Slay Jr. are the two latest and final members of the AKA Program. Madden 23 usually releases its newest AKA players in-game every Monday. But with the final AKA Program reveal taking place today, the last two players will be released in-game tomorrow, November 30th.

Madden 23: AKA Program Challenges

Madden 23 MUT
Curtesy of Madden 23 Ultimate Team

Along with the AKA players you can acquire, comes a set of challenges that can be found under the ‘Challenges’ menu on the ‘Play’ page in MUT. Every AKA player comes with three challenges to complete and each of those challenges has a max total of four stars you can earn.

Upon completing each of those three challenges with the max amount of stars for every player, you can unlock 1,500 in MUT coin as you reach each challenge tier, as well as a couple of 82, 83, 84, and 85 Overall AKA Fantasy Packs that allow you to select one player of your choosing. To add to it, Madden 23 included an 86 Overall AKA Fantasy Pack as their final AKA Tier 26 challenge prize as well.

If you’re seeking for an easy way to collect MUT coin and bolster your lineup with some solid 84, 85, and now 86 overall versions of the AKA players, these challenges are a good way to achieve just that. Stacking coin will also grant you the chance to complete sets and or save up for the highest overall versions of the AKA Program players that you can secure in MUT.

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