Lost Judgment’s latest gameplay footage shows off a playable Master System and more

Lost Judgment’s latest gameplay footage shows off a playable Master System and more
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It’s been revealed that the upcoming Lost Judgment will include a playable Master System in new Japanese language gameplay footage.

As spotted by Video Games Chronicle, the video was posted to the official Japanese language Ryu Ga Gotoku channel today. In it, the game’s director Toshihiro Nagoshi and Takayuki Yagami actor Takuya Kimura sit down for a chat while watching new gameplay from the upcoming sequel.

We get to see some of the new side-activities including dancing and even what looks to be a boxing minigame. We also get treated to some slick skateboarding skills – Takayuki Yagami’s Pro Skater, anyone?

Intriguingly, Yagami’s apartment also appears to feature a fully playable Master System console, complete with Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Though of course classic Sega games have been a staple of both the Yakuza and Judgment games, this appears to be the first time we’ve seen a home console in the series.

Naturally, the video also features Kimura getting to grips with the main meat of the game, where we get to see some of the game’s combat and investigation gameplay. This looks largely similar to the previous game, although as we already know Tak will have some new stealth moves, and a new fighting style called Snake style.

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any captions on the video, so bear that in mind if your Japanese isn’t up to scratch. Still, there’s still plenty to see here and maybe we’ll get to see a translation (we’d be interested to hear what Kimura thinks) or the English language version of this footage soon.

Check out the new Lost Judgment gameplay footage for yourself below. The game is currently set for launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on September 24. Meanwhile the previous entry, Judgment, recently managed to beat the milestone of a million sales.