LittleBigPlanet 2 1.12 update introduces new features

LittleBigPlanet 2 1.12 update introduces new features
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Sony has announced that update 1.12 for LittleBigPlanet 2 will be released this week, bringing with it a handful of new features and improved functionality – this includes Dive-In changes and the removal of Boos from level ratings.

Sony explains the changes below.


The Dive-In feature has now been moved to the top of the Community menu, and has been vastly rewired and improved to help players easily find some new Sackfolk to play with during their adventures!


To help encourage creativity, we have removed the Boos from the Level Rating System. You can still Yay a level to say that you really liked it, but we found that the Boo ratings were disheartening at best, and could be used to cause grief amongst the community.

If you happen to find something you don’t like because it’s rude or mean or just plain offensive, then hit the Select Button and use the Good Grief System to report it to our moderation team.

Comments & Reviews

If you have just played a level and wish to provide the creator with some helpful feedback, then you can still use the level’s comments section or perhaps leave a nice and informative review for the entire community to read.

If you’re a busy creator though and would like to take a break from the reviews and comments on your level, you can now choose to disable reviews and/or comments on your profile and levels via the Settings Page on You won’t lose anything though, it will just block people from seeing them, or adding more, until you re-enable it again.

In other LBP2 news, a Journey Costume Pack for the game is coming on April 24, with the PlayStation Blog revealing that another costume pack will be released on the same day.