Lego & Atari team up to launch the Lego Atari 2600 set, out now

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Retro console fans can now get their hands on a Lego Atari 2600 in the brick maker’s newest console collaboration.

The set has been launched to mark the 50th anniversary of Atari. The set includes all the blocks needed to build your own replica, based on the console’s 1980 4-switch model. There’s 2532 pieces in the set in total, for both the console itself and, of course its joystick along with three of its iconic games. Namely, Asteroids, Adventure and Centipede.

These cartridges aren’t just for show, however. Each one also includes bonus pieces to build mini-dioramas based on each game. For example, Centipede comes with a mini version of the creature and toadstools to boot. The Asteroids set comes with a little spaceship and rocks, while the Adventure set includes a tiny yellow castle.

The set was designed by Lego designer Chris McVeigh, himself also a lifelong Atari fan. He provides a quote “The Atari 2600 was one of the most memorable gifts I got as a kid. I recall spending hours and hours in front of the TV, absolutely amazed that I could play arcade games in my own home. There were so many legendary titles, too, including Asteroids, Adventure, and Centipede. This is why it has been such an incredible experience to bring two icons together, Atari and LEGO, in this awesome set. We hope that building this classic console takes you back to those halcyon days when a handful of pixels meant a world of adventure.”

You can pick up the Lego Atari 2600 set now from Lego stores & the official website for around £209.99 RRP. The set comes hot on the heels on the Lego Mighty Bowser set, revealed last month and coming this October.

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