League of Legends Arena mode detailed by Riot

League of Legends Arena mode detailed by Riot

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Riot has offered up some more information on exactly how the new Arena game mode will work when it arrives in League of Legends next month as part of the game’s Soul Fighters event.

Players will face off in teams of two in the new mode, where they’ll face off against each other using new unique ‘Augments’ – cards that will spice things up and create unique modifiers that players will have to deal with, and adding a touch of Teamfight Tactics to the established gameplay of League of Legends. Furthermore, players will also have to content with cameos from champions of the Soul Fighter universe that’ll also give proceedings a twist.

Rounds will consist of a shop phase and a combat phase, and gain a number of levels each round. In the shop phase, players will either be given gold to buy items, or a brand new augment to switch things up. After the shop phase, they’ll be transported to a battlefield to take part in combat, with this phase ending when both players on a team die. There’s also power flowers scattered around the battlefield, which can be broken for healing, shielding and a reduction in cooldown time. There’ll also be a ring of fire surrounding the arena, which will shrink every ten seconds until the whole floor is ablaze to keep things moving.

After the fourth round, the Cameos kick in, with one of the following characters with their own power or benefit joining the battlefield as a neutral party, and either causing damage or the ability mentioned below.

  • Evelynn: Grants all players camouflage
  • Gwen: Occasionally protects the lowest health players with Hallowed Mist
  • Jhin: Casts Curtain Call (R), alternate shots on each player
  • Lux: Rotates a laser tripwire, casting Final Spark (R) on any champion to trip it.
  • Naafiri: The pack patrols the arena, leaping on any champions they come across
  • Pyke: Occasionally casts Phantom Undertow (E) at the furthest player
  • Samira: Combos off players crowd control; casts ultimate after doing so 6 times
  • Sett: Can be attacked: casts Haymaker (W) at the enemy of whoever last-hits
  • Shaco: Continously places jack-in-the-boxes (W) around the arena
  • Viego: The first player to die instead becomes Viego for a time.

Play continues in this manner until there’s only one team standing, and of course, that team is declared the winner.

League of Legends Arena mode kicks off on July 20, and will be available until August 28. Yesterday, Riot revealed full details of everything else coming along in the Soul Fighters event, which you can read about here.

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