League of Legends Soul Fighter event adds last-team-standing Arena mode

League of Legends Soul Fighter event adds last-team-standing Arena mode

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Riot Games has announced a new ‘Soul Fighter’ event taking place across League of Legends and its various spin-off games, adding, among other things, a brand new Arena mode to the popular MOBA.

The six-week event will kick off next month, and is, oddly enough, a celebration of and tribute to the fighting genre. Taking place from July 20 and running until August 28, it’ll see a number of new features and gamemodes added to all four ‘Runeterra’ titles. That’s Riot’s name for the League of Legends related games that include League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra.


Each game will get something different, so for League of Legends, it’s a brand new game mode called Arena. This will see “four teams of two players each fight one another in rotating combat rounds. After each round of combat, they will power up with unique Augments until only one team is left standing.” We’re also told that “Champions from the Soul Fighter universe will make occasional Cameo appearances in matches to either players’ benefit or detriment,” which sounds awfully familiar.

Teamfight Tactics’ own new game mode, meanwhile, will be known as Soul Brawl, which will see players compete for Soul Power to strengthen their Soul Crown and provide additional loot options. Then they’ll be taken into a Tournament phase, where players will be eliminated in a best-of-three bracket tournament. Wild Rift, meanwhile, gets Tag Duel, which will see players pick three contestants before heading into one-on-one matches, where each player can switch between their three selected characters.

All four games, meanwhile, will get a whole host of skins, emotes, callbacks and other cosmetics and a there’ll even be bespoke Soul Fighter experiences for players to get stuck into. It’s a veritable feast of content for League fans, and players can even buy an event pass or bundles for even more goodies to get their hands on.

The Soul Fighter event is Riot’s tribute to the fighting genre, and has come at an apt time given a new Street Fighter has recently arrived, with Mortal Kombat 1 and Tekken 8 also on the way over the next few months. Ironically, it’s been known for some time that Riot have been working on their own League-themed beat-em-up, codenamed Project L.

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