Killer Instinct 10th anniversary update to release later this year

Killer Instinct 10th anniversary update to release later this year
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With EVO taking place over the weekend big news has emerged from the most unlikely place. It was confirmed today that Iron Galaxy will now be working on Killer Instinct again in the lead-up to a brand-new 10-year anniversary update that is set to release later this year.

Taking to Twitter, the official Killer Instinct account announced the update saying, “Our friends @IronGalaxy are back! And together, we’re bringing you Killer Instinct’s free 10th Anniversary Update later this year – including a balance update, improved matchmaking, and 4K support for Series X|S. More info coming soon!” The statement was then reposted by Iron Galaxy’s own account welcoming their return to the series saying, “The band is back together again. Stay tuned for @KillerInstinct updates in the near future!”

While it’s unclear what exactly will be coming with this new update yet, head of Killer Instinct, James Goddard noted in a speech at EVO that there would be a balance update and a major upgrade coming to the game at a later period. This will include smoother matchmaking, easier tournament set-up and “more KI for the next 10 years.”

This news obviously got fans of the fighting game ecstatic with many welcoming Iron Galaxy’s return. While the initial release of Killer Instinct back in 2013 was helmed by Double Helix Games, after they were acquired by Amazon Iron Galaxy took over the development of the game’s post-launch content with a PC version of the game releasing via the Windows Store in 2016 and later via Steam in 2017. The new update set to release later this year marks the first major update for Killer Instinct since its release on Steam in 2017 excluding its recent quality-of-life update release on 17 May, 2023 ahead of EVO 2023.

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