MW2 developers quickly address puzzling absence of killcams in Season 2

MW2 developers quickly address puzzling absence of killcams in Season 2
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The updates brought in with the arrival of MW2 Season 2 has been met with a mixed bag of community reactions so far. Most introductions, such as the return of Infected, were predictably received positively. Unfortunately, it seems as if there were also a few features that were questionably excluded with the game’s second chapter.

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During the beginning of the second season, MW2 players noticed that killcams were apparently absent from most game modes. Because of its notable omission, users immediately took to Reddit to ask others in the community about their experience with the missing feature.

Players commenting under a particularly popular post were quick to agree with the author’s sentiment as they similarly went through multiple matches without seeing the killcam. One response previously even mentioned that “now cheaters can be even more brazen without any fear of you seeing their [suspicious] killcams.”

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Fortunately, the scathing backlash from the player base has seemingly prompted Infinity Ward and Raven Software to put out an immediate update to fix this glaring problem. A few days after the release of the divisive patch, the developers posted a tweet that they had started investigating the issue of killcams being disabled in some game modes.

The quick response was largely met with player optimism. However, the collective reaction became even more upbeat after Infinity Ward posted another announcement a few hours later that fixed the issue of killcams being absent from all game modes.

The fast response obviously came as somewhat of a surprise for the community as they had often been used to slow and even non-existent communication for the most part. Hopefully, this type of developer reaction remains the case moving forward as there are still plenty of bugs and glitches that require immediate attention.

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