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Is Rainbow Six Siege Split Screen?

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Rainbow Six Siege came out in 2015 and is still going strong, without around 60k concurrent players at the time of August 2022. With the Cross-Play update that is set to come out on December 6, 2022, along with the new Season, the player count is expected to increase further. Furthermore, thanks to the Nier Automata Collaboration, many new players are flocking to the beloved tactical shooter.

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However, for new players coming to the game, there’s one question that remains to be answered: Does Rainbow Six Siege have a split screen? As you read through this, you’ll come to know whether Rainbow Six Siege has a split screen, and if not, then why?

Does Rainbow Six Siege Have A Split Screen?

Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t have a split screen, and we believe that it’ll likely never get on through future updates. So don’t be fooled by YouTube click baits, those are not actual split-screen clips but two different streams merged together. 

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Therefore, if you had any plans of playing Rainbow Six Siege on a single screen with a buddy, then you might want to reconsider.

Why Does Rainbow Six Siege Not Have A Split Screen

Split screen? More like split-cheating! Rainbow Six Siege is a competitive game, and finding your opponent’s position is one of the core game mechanics. 

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Thus, through the split screen, you could not only cheat your way and ruin the vision mechanic, but, to be honest, you also impair your reflex timing. 

With the noise that comes from both screens, it’ll greatly reduce your reflex timing, which would otherwise provide a competitive edge.

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Although split screen used to be an important element of FPS games, the increase in competitive FPS titles has seen the removal of split screen, and Rainbow Six Siege is no exception.