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*LATEST* Is Fortnite down right now? – Fortnite Update v22.10

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Fortnite is set to be down ahead of Update 22.10, which is set to release on October 4!

Downtime starts at 04:00 ET (08:00 UTC), with matchmaking being disabled 30 minutes

The game’s official Twitter confirmed the following: “Unlock the key to victory in Update 22.10, set to release tomorrow October 4! Downtime starts at 04:00 ET (08:00 UTC), with matchmaking being disabled 30 minutes prior.”

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Fortnite will be down ahead of the latest update

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We’re not expecting much in the way of big updates this time around, but there will be a number of bug fixes Epic will likely work through, which will be confirmed on their Trello board.

Fortnite Update v22.10 – what’s in it?

The pause of the game is a bit annoying – however the people at Epic are bringing an Epic update for fans who enjoy Fortnite!

Including new weapon upgrades and consumables – this update looks to add to the already plethora of content fleshed out onto Fortnite

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How long is it down for?

We do not know yet how long the game will be down for, but we expect it could well be a couple of hours. This would mean the v22.10 update could be live from around 10am UTC.

As per usual, Fortnite Status will let the community know when it’s ended.

How to fix Fortnite “Servers Not Responding” Error

Unfortunately, there is not a fix to this error. As it’s a regular maintenance error, Epic Games themselves only can lift this to make the servers stable again.

Check back as soon as information is available so that you can play again!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need a stable internet connection to play Fortnite?

Yes, Epic recommends a stable internet connection in order to enjoy Fortnite at its best. An unstable connection will lead to lag and disrupt gameplay.

Can I play Battle Royale on PC with a controller?

Yes – Fortnite is compatible with a controller to PC connection.