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Is Fortnite Down? v24.20 update including Attack on Titan crossover is now live

Is Fortnite Down? v24.20 update including Attack on Titan crossover is now live
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Is Fortnite Down? Update v24.20 is here

Is Fortnite Down? As of 11:15am BST, the downtime for Update 24.20 has now ended and Fortnite is now once again available to play.

With weekly updates to Fortnite, the game sees a halt in gameplay around the midpoint of the week, and now it’s time for the introduction of the v24.20 update.

To clarify, Fortnite is set to be down on April 11, 2023 for a major mid-season update that will add, among other things, the game’s long-awaited Fortnite Attack on Titan crossover event.

What time is Fortnite’s downtime?

Fortnite downtime for the week began as of 7:30 AM BST – as declared by the Fortnite Status official Twitter account. Matchmaking servers were disabled, and the game was unavailable until the maintenance has completed.

However, that downtime is now over, and the game is officially live as of 11:15am – meaning the game was down for just over 3 hours in total.

How long will Fortnite be down? We expected it to be a few hours.

Generally speaking, weekly updates take a few hours, however – the Fortnite Status account also warned that today’s patch will be ‘larger than normal’ – which could point at a possibly longer downtime. Happily, this was not the case, and the v24.20 update was live by 11:30am UTC.

You can check out everything that was added in the Fortnite Attack on Titan crossover v24.20 update over here. For more, why not check out our list of the 7 Best Creative Maps For XP in Fortnite?

Fortnite is currently in the middle of its latest season – Fortnite Mega Chapter 4 Season 2, which has added a whole new Neo-Tokyo aesthetic, to go with some new neon-tinged locations on the game’s map.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Fortnite is down, will I be able to queue matchmaking?

No – the reason behind this is that the servers have been temporary halted so Epic Games can make some hotfixes to the game!

How long does Fortnite downtime take?

We expect the downtime to last a few hours at best, so hold tight for a few!


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