Is Football Manager 2023 Mobile Worth It?

Is Football Manager 2023 Mobile Worth It?
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With Football Manager 2023 (FM23) Mobile set to drop a couple of weeks from now, on November 8th, players can be excited about the new features that the game is going to have.

Off the bat, Football Manager 23 Mobile already has more inclusivity than ever before. This year SEGA has made the game available for preorder on App Store and Google Play.

As an Android player, you can pre-register the game on the Google store, meaning that players who pre-register will be notified on the release day that the game is available for download, while iOS players can Pre-purchase the game from the app store. 

By preordering, Apple users can own the game and play it immediately after it becomes available.

Expected Updates to FM23 Mobile

In an FM article released earlier this week, FM23 has some new interesting features such as:

Dynamic Manager Timeline.

The game has a timeline that allows players to display, track, and share achievements and milestones. The timeline records the most notable moments in the game and will evolve along with your growth in the game.

Team Talks

Sega has added the team Talks Feature in this year’s iteration of Football manager 2023 mobile. Like the PC version, Managers can now have a team talk with their squad before, during and after matches. This feature helps you to boost player morale and give feedback regarding their performances and your expectations.

More Licenses

 For the first time, FM23 mobile will treat gamers to a more realistic experience after acquiring new competition licenses from the Champions League, Europa Conference League and the Europa League, making them fully playable competitions with official graphics and screens added to the game. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-02-20 

Club licenses from Juventus and Man City mean that players can now have a more intimate experience with more of their favorite clubs.

SEGA promises even more exciting features, upgrades and licenses when the game drops. Players can look forward to the game’s release as it promises to be an absolute banger.

Is FM23 Worth It? 

This is the question you have come here to find and honestly, if this is how you like to play games, then yeah. Being able to just slip the game into your pocket and take it on the go with you is a huge bonus for a game like this – it will make a commute fly by. Alternatively, you could invest in one of the best laptops for Football Manager instead if portability appeals to you most.

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Obviously, the Mobile version of FM23, is not as detailed or as broad as the other Editions, but that’s why it is also a fraction of the price. Normally FM Mobile is only £9.99/$9.99, which is considerably cheaper than the game on any other platform.