Ubisoft has announced that the third season of its arena-based hack and slash fighting game, For Honor, Grudge and Glory, will be available from today. Grudge and Glory is the largest update to For Honor so far and brings two additional heroes, two extra maps, ranked play modes, customisation items and gameplay updates. 

Maps and ranked play will be unlocked for everyone at the outset of season three. Season pass holders will gain immediate access to the two new heroes, the Gladiator and the Highlander, before they become available to all players from August 22 for 15,000 of the in-game currency steel.

Sentinel and Viking Village are the two new additions to multiplayer maps. Each map will have its own 'unique and deadly hazards', bringing a new dynamic to multiplayer games. Viking Village has a massive, continually rolling barrel which, if exploited correctly, can be used to squash foes. Sentinel contains a ballista that will give players the chance to take out foes with sheer force from above.

There’s also the addition of a 1v1 duel tournament which brings ranked competitive play to For Honor. As players compete against one another, they’ll rise up the league rankings based on their level of success and will receive in-game rewards based on their performance.

New gear and gear rarity functions have been implemented and this’ll increase the current maximum gear score from 144 to 180. Maximum reputation also gets an increase, boosting the cap of all heroes from 30 to 40. Additionally new gear has been added for all heroes, which will give players more customisation options.

For Honor’s Season Three update will be the beginning of large game-changing updates planned for the game. The next season is due to launch in November and it’ll introduce some more yet to-be-announced new features, game modes, and eventually dedicated servers.

For Honor is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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