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How To Thank The Bus Driver In Fortnite (2023)

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It’s normal to get excited about the new updates, characters, and weapons in Fortnite. It can even be a lot of fun to be a part of in-game events like Fracture. But it’s very important not to forget about the veteran who carried all the players to the battlefield for years: How to thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite?

There are good reasons why Epic Games has been nominated for best community-based game or continuously updated game at every award ceremony over the years.

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Because they’re constantly adding details that make players happy and make them smile. Thanking the bus driver in Fortnite is one of them.

This feature, which has been in the game as an easter egg since 2018, is available on all platforms. Regardless of which device you play Fortnite on, you can easily thank the driver for taking you to the glorious battlefield.

How To Thank The Bus Driver In Fortnite

So without further ado, here’s how to thank the bus driver in Fortnite:

  • PC: Press “B” on your keyboard before the jump
  • PS4/PS5: Press “down” on the d-pad before the jump
  • Xbox One/S/X: Press “down” on the d-pad before the jump
  • Nintendo Switch: Press “down” on the d-pad before the jump
  • Phone/Tablet: Touch the ’emote’ button on screen before the jump

Pretty simple isn’t it? It’s a kind gesture to thank the person who got you there before you start destroying your opponents.

If you press the right button before your time runs out, your username and thank you message will be visible to everyone in the chat.


What Happens When You Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite?

Except to please someone who’s dedicated his life to the brilliant warriors?

Usually nothing happens. But in the updates that Epic Games regularly releases, it can be one of the special XP-gaining missions. So while you do it just for fun, you may suddenly get 10,000 XP.

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