How To Tame A Wolf in Fortnite

How To Tame A Wolf in Fortnite
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Fortnite players have more entertaining content with each new Battle Pass. In addition to new characters, weapons, and missions, new mechanics are sometimes added that directly change gameplay. Wild animals, which were added to the map some time ago, were one of them. Our topic today is how to deal with them: How to tame a wolf in Fortnite?

Sometimes Battle Pass missions are as simple as saying thank you to the bus driver, and sometimes they can be challenging. However, some of these difficult missions are about wild animals that you can encounter in different places on the map.

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The wolves and boars added to the map with Fortnite Chapter 2 were untamable for a while. With the third chapter, they got this feature and now help you move faster on the map.

But taming the wolf is especially difficult in Fortnite.

How To Tame Wild Animals in Fortnite

You need all the help you can find to be the last player standing in Battle Royale mode. One of them is to be able to move faster on the map and have an advantageous rotation.

Your biggest help will be the animals that you can tame and ride on the map.

To tame the wolf and the boar in Fortnite, you’ll have to follow these steps:

  1. Find meat to bait the animals. You absolutely must find meat for the wolf, the wild boar also eats other things.
  2. Find one of the wild animals scattered across the map.
  3. Make sure there are no other players near you.
  4. Throw the meat towards them. This will attract the attention of the animal.
  5. Wait for them to approach without making any sudden movements.
  6. While the animals eat the meat you throw, you’ll see that there’s a question mark on them.
  7. Approach slowly and jump on the animal.

If you successfully follow these steps, you’ll tame animals in Fortnite. Wolves are harder to tame, so you may have to try more than once.

If you manage to tame an animal, you can use it as a mount whenever you want. The animal you tame cannot be harmed by you or your teammates.

But other players can attack and kill it. So be careful when rotating with the animal.

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That’s all we shared about how to tame a wolf in Fortnite for now. Like everything else on the map, having wild animals on your side gives you a significant advantage.

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