Horizon Forbidden West teases some of the Challenges and sidequests in latest video

Horizon Forbidden West teases some of the Challenges and sidequests in latest video
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Another video for the upcoming adventure Horizon Forbidden West has gone live, focusing on Challenges and sidequests.

Aloy’s main mission isn’t the only thing you’ll be taking on in the Forbidden West, it turns out. There’s also plenty of familiar and new tasks to take on across the frontier. These include the returning Hunting Grounds. They’ll offer up a bunch of specific creatures for you to try and take down as fast as possible. Faster times get you better ranks, and better ranks mean better prizes.

There’s plenty of new stuff too, of course. Salvage Contracts will challenge you to track down rare parts from the toughest and most elusive beasts. The Melee Pit in certain settlements will also keep your fighting skills in tip-top shape as you take on humans and machines alike. The gladiatorial-like Arena will also test Aloy’s mettle against the toughest of Horizon Forbidden West‘s beasts.

Obviously, there’s going to be plenty to explore too. The video offers a glimpse at some of the ruins, caves, cauldrons and more scattered across the land – you’ll have to wait until you get your hands on the game to find out what they contain. If you’re after something more fast-paced, you can choose to take part in mounted races with the tribes you meet during your adventure too.

Having gone Gold just last week, Horizon Forbidden West is nearly upon us. The challenge for us now is to wait just a couple more weeks, with the game dropping on February 18 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.