Her Story creator Sam Barlow says he has a "definitive" version of the story in his head, but won't be sharing that with the game's fans who have been left discussing its ambiguous ending.

"My notes and my current understanding is that there's a definitive version of the story that I have in my head," Barlow said. "Certainly of what happened prior to the various interviews; this was important as well because all of the detectives' dialogue was fully scripted as well."

He said he's "probably unlikely to come out and express" his opinion.

Barlow may, however, choose to release a host of unseen content - such as props, stories and other interesting bits - once he feels everyone who wants to play the game has done so.

"Maybe there's a place, when everyone in the world has played it and enjoyed it, I can do a supplementary - the kind of stuff that would be in an art book or whatever," he said. "Throw in all that stuff so people can see."

As for what Barlow has planned next, he says he has more ideas based on video.

"I have ideas that are quite different to this - but still revolve around video - that I think could be quite interesting," Barlow said. "I guess because just using video is quite a different thing in the larger world of games, I don't want to become 'the video guy.'"

Source: Polygon

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