Helldivers 2 update 1.000.405 fixes infinite mission load-in issue

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Helldivers 2 has been plagued with an infinite drop-in glitch for some time now that prevents players from beginning missions. Instead, players get stuck on the screen with the pod launching from their ship as it travels to the planet. At last, the latest 01.000.405 hotfix update has addressed and fixed it and players can serve Liber-tea without issue now.

Here are the full Helldivers 2 01.000.405 update patch notes.

Helldivers 2
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For this patch, the 01.000.405 update focuses on improvements and changes to the following areas:


  • Reduced instances of being stuck waiting in infinite drop-in

Known Issues

  • Sending friend requests via friend code in game currently does not work
  • Various issues to do with unintended Ballstics Shield behavior.
  • Players may be unable to be joined or invited to the game
  • Players added to the Recent Players list will appear in the middle of the list
  • Players may experience delays in Medals and Super Credits payouts
  • Enemies that bleed out do not progress Personal Orders and Eradicate missions
  • Deployed mines may sometimes become invisible (but remain active)
  • Arc weapons sometimes behave inconsistently and sometimes misfire
  • Most weapons shoot below the crosshair when aiming down the sights
  • Stratagem beam might attach itself to an enemy but will deploy to its original location
  • Hand Carts ship module does not reduce Shield Generator Pack’s cooldown
  • Bile Titan sometimes does not take damage to the head
  • Players may become stuck in the Loadout when joining a game in progress
  • Reinforcement may not be available for players who join a game in progress
  • Planet liberation reaches 100 % at the end of every Defend mission
  • Raise Flag of Super Earth objective does not show a progress bar
  • Mission count in the Career tab is being reset to zero after every game restart
  • Some weapons’ descriptions are out-of-date and don’t reflect their current design
  • Personal orders may not display correctly. (Kill 5.)

This latest 01.000.405 comes following the completion of the latest Major Order, which saw players unlock the new Commando Rocket Launcher. With the Major Order now over, we can expect the next one to begin later today as the Galactic War rages on against the Automatons and Terminids.

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Helldivers 2

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