Halo Infinite Warthog gets tweaked in new patch

Halo Infinite Warthog gets tweaked in new patch
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343 Industries has released a patch for Halo Infinite, making some tweaks to the beloved Warthog.

The new patch makes a number of tweaks and changes, chief among them a beefing up of the way the Warthog handles.

As per the official patch notes (thanks PC Gamer), the vehicle is now heavier:

“General sentiment was that the Warthog was taking the bumps in the road rougher than it should. Instead of absorbing these bumps, the vehicle would either twist or roll a frustrating amount. Bounciness is an important part of the Warthogs fun but not if it makes the vehicle out of control.

“Pushing out the position of the tires while reducing the angles they consider valid ground will widen its footprint, give the suspension more room to absorb force, and treat the ground more flat than it actually is.” The Warthog was 3,130lbs (1419kg), and now it is 3300lbs (1496kg).

In other Halo Infinite news, the Season 2 Lone Wolves has begun, for the game’s free-to-play multiplayer. This brings with it, among other things, new maps, modes, and a new battle pass. The new maps include Catalyst, set in an abandoned Forerunner structure, and Breaker, a Banished ship marooned in the desert.