Halo Infinite update set to add fan favourite Halo Reach map

Halo Infinite update set to add fan favourite Halo Reach map
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Halo Infinite Season 4 has seemingly become the revitalization of Halo Infinite for a lot of players. With the addition of Infection and classic maps from Halo 3, players who had dropped off the game are now starting to boot up 343’s recent entry into the Halo series again as the game seems to be nearing full competition.

The updates aren’t slowing down either as on August 9, 343 is bringing another update to the game that will add a forge recreation of the fan favourite Halo Reach map, Countdown. Alongside this, a number of quality-of-life improvements are also set to make their way to the game.

While not a complete one-for-one replication of Countdown, Halo Infinite’s new map, known as Dredge, is set to take direct inspiration from the Halo Reach classic map. Alongside the map’s launch next Wednesday, players will also be able to play it as much as they want via the new Dredge 24/7 playlist.

With this new addition comes a number of quality-of-life improvements. Firstly, the pelican drops in Big Team Battle are set to occur as close to simultaneously as possible on both sides of the map meaning there won’t be a period where one team has access to a game-changing vehicle while the enemy team just has to hunker down and wait. Alongside this, intro cameras in Big Team Battle will now prioritise having players spawn in with members of their Fireteam so you’ll be able to see your whole squad in all its glory during that opening cinematic.

The Extermination medal will be available across all multiplayer modes come August 9. Furthermore, 343 has also announced death cam improvements that will now allow players to rotate their camera after death, similar to previous Halo games, which should help improve player coordination and call-outs.

For Forge fans, a scalable reactive water plane is making its way to the creative-centric game mode alongside a number of other quality-of-life features that can be viewed, in full, on Halo Waypoint. With the Halo Infinite Season 4 release date now passed make sure to keep up-to-date with all the latest Halo stories including: Halo fan calls on 343 to add mods to Xbox via… a Times Square billboard.

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