Halo Infinite players only have four days left to get free samurai-themed armour

Halo Infinite players only have four days left to get free samurai-themed armour
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After launching just last week, Halo Infinite players only have four days left to secure some free samurai-themed armour. The Tenrai 2 event includes a free 10-tier Battle pass full of armour pieces for the YOROI armour core, a number of weapon and armour colours, and a brand-new Tenrai-themed weapon kit for the Assault Rifle.

The event began on July 18 and is set to conclude on August 1. Much like previous Event Passes in Halo Infinite players can unlock the 10 tiers by completing Event Challenges before August 1. Usually, most players can get these challenges completed in an hour or two of play. Alongside this, if you utilize your challenge swap cards it will make the challenge almost trivial.

If you’re looking for more armour to add to your YOROI armour core then the new Dragonborn Bundle is also available via Halo Infinite’s in-game store. The set itself comes with three different armour packages all rolled into one. Additionally, you’ll also get access to the Mythic Effect Set and the Dragonborn Noble shoulders.

However, there’s still more YOROI-centric content available for players as once all challenges for this week are complete you’ll unlock The Highlit Steel armour coating for the YOROI armour core. Notably, 343 Industries have also confirmed that the Tenrai 3 event will be launching on September 19, 2023, via a Halo Waypoint blog post. The upcoming event will launch with another free 10-tier Event Pass with more earnable customization options.

The Tenrai 2 event sounds like easy pickings if you haven’t gotten around to it yet. Also, who could turn down some free armour pieces? In other Halo news, Halo fan calls on 343 to add mods to Xbox via… a Times Square billboard and Halo Infinite players are loving the return of these classic maps.

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