Halo Infinite offers up first look at Season 2’s new modes in latest preview

Halo Infinite offers up first look at Season 2’s new modes in latest preview
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343 Industries has offered up some more details on the new multiplayer modes coming in Season 2 of Halo Infinite.

An extensive preview post on Halo Waypoint goes into King of the Hill, Land Grab, Last Spartan Standing and Elimination. 343 Industries’ Zach Boyce has offered some insight into the design decisions behind the new modes. As Boyce reveals, even returning modes were put through a stringent process behind the scenes.

In King of the Hill, for example, each hill now has a control meter. This meter fills when the Hill is uncontested, but pauses if someone tries to take it over. Only if the meter fills completely does the team score their point. Boyce noted that this helped stop matches feeling flat at their conclusion as with older versions of the mode.

Land Grab, meanwhile, was born from the team wanting to explore multi-zone objectives on symmetrical maps. The team found Strongholds, with three bases, would often leave matches feeling unbalanced. In Land Grab, the zone disappears when a team captures it and earns a point. This naturally tends to drive players towards a final zone for the grand finale as the zones are whittled down.

Last Spartan Stranding is a completely new mode to the series, based around the Season Two theme of Lone Wolves. Boyce mentions how they team wanted a mode that would work well on Season Two’s new Big Team Battle map, Breaker. Every time a player gets a kill, they can upgrade their loadout and get better weapons. However, they only have five lives – lose them, and they’re out. The winner, naturally, is the last Spartan Standing.

Halo Infinite gets its Season 2 Lone Wolves update on May 3. Check out trailers for the new modes and maps coming in the new season below.