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by on Nov 29, 2021

Halo Infinite dev says they are “feeling everyone’s pain on progression”

343 Industries’ head of design has said he’s “feeling everyone’s pain on progression” in regards to player concerns with Halo Infinite’s multiplayer during its first limited time event.

Jerry Hook made the comment on his Twitter, where he said that it would be “top of my list with the team” when they return from the Thanksgiving holidays. The shooter has come under fire from users heavily over the last few days, with many lamenting how long it takes to obtain cosmetics.

As a brief primer, the Fracture: Tenrai event offers players the chance to earn cosmetic rewards including samurai-themed armour. However, to do this they must complete specific challenges on a limited time Fiesta playlist. Only completing these challenges earns XP towards the event-specific pass.

However, a player can only have so many challenges active at a time, which includes standard weekly ones. Often, this means players may have to clear a standard challenge to even see an event one. What’s more, only seven challenges are currently available, despite a possible 30 tiers of rewards. It should be noted Halo Infinite events are supposed to return on a regular basis, with progress carrying on from wherever it was left off.

This also ties in with similar problems players have also levelled at the standard pass. As a result of that, 343 Industries decided to make to the game’s battle pass progression system earlier this month. At the time, it said it would monitor these changes and potentially make more.

The Fracture: Tenrai event is set to end tomorrow at 6pm UK time. The event should return to the game in January 2022. Meanwhile Halo Infinite‘s single player campaign is nearly upon us, set to land next week on December 8.


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