Guide to international management in Football Manager 2023

Guide to international management in Football Manager 2023
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The first winter World Cup is starting soon in Qatar, and many fans are looking forward to the prestigious competition. In Football Manager 2023 (FM23), you can choose to manage a National team with the aim of Qualifying for a trophy or winning it.

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However, Getting a job as an international manager is not always straightforward. International management is not a default option open to players at the start of the game. Managers can get the option in two ways 

  • Apply for an available international manager role or;
  • Purchase the International Manager pack from the game store at £0.99

Managing an international side is similar to Club management with some differences. So we have decided to do a complete guide to everything you need to know about international football in FM23.

Squad building

In international football, you cannot buy players, you can only call up footballers from your National Pool. Although, where a player has dual nationality, you can approach them and try to convince them to play for your country.

Scouting & Training

Scouting is not as extensive in international management as it is in club football. You don’t have access to scouts, but you can send your coaches on scouting missions. You can also personally attend and watch football games to scout prospects, to try and see who should be called up for the national team. 

Game time

in International management, you will play considerably fewer matches per season than in club football. Most players complain about how boring the matches can be because they’re so infrequent when compared to managing a club side.

However, fewer matches and activities will give you time to master in-game match management. It is also worth noting, you can manage both an International and club side at the same time. Of course, to do all this you’ll need the best laptop for Football Manager, so make sure you’ve covered your bases there.

The best International sides to manage on FM23

International Football has some very tricky challenges for players interested in managing national sides. Here are some of the best teams and objectives in FM23. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-02-19 

  • England: Bring the World Cup Home
  • Senegal: Win the world cup with an African side for the first time.
  • Argentina: Win the world cup with Lionel Messi
  • Portugal: Win the World Cup with Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Brazil: Win the World Cup after their longest spell without winning it
  • Netherlands: Finally win a international trophy after always coming so close

FM23 International Management FAQ

Can I manage international teams in FM23?

Yes, you can manage international teams on FM23. There are no real restrictions to which sides you can manage, it will just be about waiting for the opportunity to arise.

Can I manage an international team and a club side at the same time?

Although this is incredibly rare in real life, in FM23 it’s very easy to do. It is probably the best way to manage an international team to prevent the save from getting stale.