Grand Theft Auto 5 modder JulioNIB has thrown together a new creation allowing you to play as X-Men baddie Magneto in Rockstar's crime caper. 

Well, okay, you could argue he's not really a baddie. Magneto just wants equal rights for mutants, which is perfectly fine; he just goes about things in the wrong way, right? 

Anyway, the GTA 5 mod gives you access to all of Magneto's signature abilities, so expect to do all those cool things that he did in the X-Men comics and films. In other words, you can levitate and lob vehicles to your heart's content, pull guns out of the hands of your enemies and shoot them, uproot metal poles, as well as derailing trains and pulling entire planes out of the sky.

Full details on the Magneto GTA 5 mod can be found here if you fancy getting in on the action.



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