Gran Turismo 7
by on Nov 2, 2021

Gran Turismo 7 latest Behind the Scenes videos take a look at liveries

Polyphony Digital and PlayStation have been releasing a series of short behind the scenes videos peeking behind the curtain of Gran Turismo 7.

The latest, which dropped today, focuses on the game’s Livery Editor. The game’s director Kazunori Yamauchi speaks on how liveries have been an integral part of car culture since the 1970s. Cars become blank canvases, and the liveries a medium of expression for creative players.

To that end, the team had a clear goal in mind for the Livery Editor in the upcoming iteration. They wanted to improve the usability and ease of use, to allow drivers to fully realise their design intentions. According to Yamauchi, millions of liveries have been created already, so they already seem on track. He adds he’s constantly surprised at the creativity shown by players.

This isn’t the only video in the behind the scenes series for Gran Turismo 7 either. In the past week alone Yamauchi has spoken on the game’s use of haptic feedback from the DualSense controllers. The team has also touted how the game will get car collectors’ motors running, with over 400 cars included in the game.

You can check out all three videos for yourself below. Gran Turismo 7 is currently set for a March 4 launch on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.


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Gran Turismo 7

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Gran Turismo 7

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