GOG.com has announced it is running a 40 per cent discount on a number of titles, including The Witcher 2. The promotion runs from today until August 22.

The GOG edition of The Witcher 2, on sale for $29.99, includes a PDF game guide, the nearly 200 page PDF version of the stunning artbook, soundtracks, videos, and papercraft dolls!

Other games on offer are Jagged Alliance 1 for $3.59 and Jagged Alliance 2 for just $5.99; Battle Isle Platinum for $5.99, Realms of Arkania 1 and 2 for $3.59, Realms of Arkania 3 for $3.59 and Master of Orion 1+2 for $3.59.

The Witcher 2 2.0 update is due on September 29, brining new game modes and tweaks. We loved the game when it was released earlier this year, awarding it 9/10 in our The Witcher 2 review.