Ghostrunner is at all-time-low price at Steam – but not for long

Ghostrunner is at all-time-low price at Steam – but not for long
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If you’re looking for an awesome deal on arguably one of the most unique (and challenging) games out there, we’ve got just the deal for you.

At the time of writing, you can buy Ghostrunner on Steam for an all-time low price of $8.99/ £7.99, according to SteamDB. Currently a massive 70% off, this special promotion is marked to end on 29th June, so if you’re interested to see exactly why everyone is so hyped about Ghostrunner 2 we’d say act fast!

Buy Ghostrunner at Steam here.

Ghostrunner is an FPS unlike any other. Set in a ‘Cyberpunk-esque’ future, you’re presented with extremely challenging, and oftentimes punishing combat. Instead of running around all guns blazing, you’re armed with a sword and an arsenal of impressive upgradable abilities. You’ll also be able to swing, slide, wall-run, and more as you make your way through increasingly tough opponents and maps.

This game, frankly, is absolutely amazing and a must-play experience. It is sometimes frustratingly difficult, but that only adds to the satisfaction…well, for me at least! And it looks like we’re not alone in singing its praises, as Ghostrunner has earned an impressive 81 Metacritic score.

RUN IT BACK – It’ll take more than a few attempts to beat this game

Playing this on PC and high frame rates is the way to go, and we highly recommend checking it out especially if the reveal for Ghostrunner 2 piqued your interest.

This offer is only live until 29th June, and we think it’s great value for money! We’ll be back with you soon for more awesome gaming deals, so be sure to check back in with us.