The Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines has been cancelled, SEGA has confirmed.

The cancellation follows months of debate over Colonial Marines' development, which alleges that Gearbox Software had to rebuild the game within just nine months after a significant amount of TimeGate's work was discarded.

However, reasons for the game's cancellation were not provided.

"SEGA can confirm that the Wii U sku of Aliens: Colonial Marines is no longer in development," the publisher told

Last year, Gearbox head Randy Pitchford said that the Wii U version would have been the "best-looking console version" of February's sci-fi shooter.

The Wii U port was being handled by Shoot Many Robots developer Demiurge Studios. It isn't yet known how Colonial Marines' cancellation will affect the studio.

The cancellation is another blow for Nintendo's stumbling console, which has seen major games skip the console or be significantly delayed.

It was revealed last month that DICE's upcoming shooter Battlefield 4 would not be launching on Wii U either.


Source: SEGA Statement