Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure expansion kicks into gear with new Sierra Nueva map

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The Midnights at Horizon + Rally Adventure expansion for Forza Horizon 5 has finally kicked off into gear! Car enthusiasts and devoted followers of the game will surely find plenty of welcome and entertaining features with this latest update including the new open world map named Sierra Nueva.

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There are also plenty of other vehicle additions and game mode introductions that have been integrated with this latest patch. So in order to help you get up to speed with the latest in-game changes, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the content that this DLC contains below.

Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure Expansion Features

Aside from the new map, another unique campaign, several vehicles, and multiple race modes are also being introduced. Here is the entire list of feature additions that the Rally Adventure expansion brings:

  • New Open World map “Sierra Nueva” 
  • All-new campaign, featuring an all-new Rally career
  • Horizon Rally and Race modes
    • Horizon Rally modes featuring Split Times and audio-visual co-drivers
  • 10 New to Forza Cars unlockable through campaign progression
    • 1973 Hoonigan Volkswagen Baja Beetle Class 5/1600 ‘Scumbug’
    • 2001 #4 Ford Focus RS
    • 2019 Casey Currie Motorsports #4402 Ultra 4 ‘Trophy Jeep’
    • 2019 Jimco #240 Fastball Racing Spec Trophy Truck
    • 2020 Jimco #179 Hammerhead Class 1
    • 2021 Alumicraft #122 Class 1 Buggy
    • 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Factory Racing Limited Edition
    • 2021 RJ Anderson #37 Polaris RZR Pro 4 Truck
    • 2022 Alumicraft #6165 Trick Truck
    • 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum
  • New Races and PR stunts
    • 8 Road Racing Tracks (Asphalt only)
    • 8 Primarily Dirt Surfaces
    • 8 Mixed Surfaces, Night only
    • 3 Ambassador Races
    • 1 Goliath Event
    • 20 PR Stunts (5 Speed Traps, 5 Speed Zones, 5 Danger Signs, 5 Drift Zones)
  • Improved deformable surfaces including rugged sand roads interwoven with pre-deformed tire tracks
  • 27 Rally Adventure Achievements
  • 11 Rally Adventure Accolades featuring Forza LINK rewards
  • Cosmetic items unlockable through Campaign and Festival Playlist

The Rally Adventure expansion is now available after it went live on March 29, 2023. Now that you know what to expect, you can jump into the game and take on everything new that it has to offer immediately.

Midnights at Horizon Series Features

Of course, we can’t forget the Midnights at Horizon feature additions as well since it contains some notable inclusions, including a few new unlockable cars:

  • Extended Night-Time exclusively for this Series
  • Neon Light Decorations in Aerodromo En La Selva and Races
  • Drone Show in Aerodromo En La Selva and around Horizon Badlands Festival Fast Travel point in Mexico (Dunas Blancas area)
  • Neon Light Cube Collectible

Unlockable Cars  

  • New To Forza
    • 2021 Rimac Nevera
    • 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing
    • 2021 Lexus LC 500
    • 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure Patch Notes

Together with the launch of the Rally Adventure expansion, Playground Games apparently also decided to release a new patch that addresses a few minor in-game bugs:


  • Fixed an issue with the Daily Wheelspins attached to owning the Hotel Castillo Player House which would sometimes unlock inconsistently
  • Fixed an issue with cars thumbnails being generated with black headlights and windows
    • Developer’s Notes: Since thumbnails are generated locally, players with those corrupted thumbnails would need to edit their car (any modification would suffice, like changing paint, or livery or tuning). This process would force the system to re-generate the thumbnail which will be shown correctly afterwards.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect target number of photos in the Horizon Promo, specifically for Mercedes-AMG
  • Fixed an issue with Accolades where some players were able to accumulate more accolades points than intended while being offline
  • Fixed a crash on PC which was occurring when the display was not connected to the primary graphics adapter
  • Client Security updates
  • General performance and stability fixes


  • Fixed an issue where cars were unable to rev past 3000 RPM when shifting from first to reverse gear and vice-versa
  • Fixed an issue with the 1976 Jeep CJ5 Renegade where wheels on the thumbnail were flipped around
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent paint/vinyl options on the 2020 #20 MG6 Xpower stock wing 
  • Fixed an issue with the 1958 Plymouth Fury rear view mirror which was compressing cars making them appear taller and thinner
  • Fixed an issue with the 1997 BMW M3 where corrupted textures were showing when the car was damaged


  • Fixed an issue with “Open Empire” Accolade which didn’t have a tracker in the Accolade menu
  • Fixed an issue with “Baja Bug” Accolade which was not getting completed upon meeting its requirements


  • Corrected the UI indicator for the over-budget props when editing a blueprint


  • Fixed an issue in Convoys where sometimes players couldn’t use any d-pad menus after a disconnection
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players were not able to access most game features if accessing The Eliminator via Hot Wheels Menu tab
  • Fixed an issue in “Las Afueras” Street Race upon resetting the car after missing a specific checkpoint
  • Improvements made to reduce client crashes when being challenged into a Head-to-Head in The Eliminator or in Free Roam

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