Fortnite is currently invading real life, with Derr Burger, llamas, a cop car, and more spotted at various locations around the world. 

YouTube user 'Syrus 638' recently took it upon himself to visit one of the primary locations of the 'anomaly,' namely the Mojave desert in California. Here, he gives us a guided tour of the area, which hides a few secrets including a number of books referencing UFOs and a Men in Black-style vibe.

It's all a bit creepy, although that probably has something to do with the moody soundtrack on the video.

Anyway, there's a bunch of cool stuff to see in the video, and Syrus even puts his hand on the Derr Burger, which is something we probably all want to do but just won't admit it. After all, there's no telling how long this stuff will be there for before it gets chucked on the back of a lorry sucked back through a portal into Fortnite.

Check out the video below. 

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