Fortnite is the biggest battle royale game on the planet right now, and it's not hard to see why. I mean, you've got to hand it to Epic Games -- they know how to market a product. Take note, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Not content with teasing upcoming content by making giant burgers and fake police cars then plonking them in the middle of the desert, the former Gears of War developer has now extended its efforts by planting life-size llamas across Europe.

Reddit user eversoris86 spotted one of them near a phone box in London, although they quickly popped up all over the place, with sightings logged in Cologne, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. At this point, fans deduced the next location as Paris, France, although one then cropped up in Warsaw, Poland. Back to the drawing board, then.

No one really knows what all this means, although it's probably got something to do with Fortnite season 5, which launches on July 12. 

Fortnite recently expanded onto the Nintendo Switch, although its release was marred by the fact Sony is still barring cross-play between other consoles

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